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The Viewpoints is a training technique developed by renowned American director Anne Bogart and the SITI company, and it has been utilised by Zen Zen Zo as one of its core training methods for the past 20 years. Lynne and Simon were the first practitioners to teach and work with the Viewpoints in Australia and it is now taught

at most major acting institutions and universities around the country and the world.


The Viewpoints focus on reawakening the actor’s instincts through impulse work and play, and explore the basic elements of performance – the body in time and space – so that the artist can learn to use them articulately when performing and creating new work. The training is all ensemble-based, with each actor learning to respond impulsively and playfully to their fellow performers. The Viewpoints training also develops the fundamental performance skills that help an actor/ dancer/ performer to achieve a dynamic stage presence.


Vocal Viewpoints extends upon the physical Viewpoints to include the use of the voice. The work explores the voice like a musical instrument, focussing on extending the actor’s range and diversity of expression. Bogart acknowledges that fear and habit too often engender a narrow range in an actor’s vocal expression. Vocal Viewpoints training highlights these limitations and encourages more radical and dynamic vocal choices, as well as the development of a strong and holistic “body-voice”.

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