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Zen Zen Zo’s core company training is designed specifically to equip actors for high energy, physical performance.


The primary inspiration for this training has come from the Suzuki Company of Toga (Japan) and the Saratoga International Theatre Institute (New York). This method takes participants through a fascinating minefield of diverse and challenging techniques that work towards fusing body, voice, mind and spirit. It integrates a challenging spectrum of advanced performance training techniques to cultivate the actor’s physical energy, vocal quality and range, concentration, ensemble awareness and imagination.

Training is a moving experience to witness: the intense and personal journeys of fellow human beings of all shapes and sizes as they manifest, explore and shape their creative impulses through extraordinary physical and vocal forms. Everyone works from their physical being to their sub-conscious core to find a new relationship with themselves and the performance space they inhabit and energize. Through this method you are led to the edges of your potential, the place where learning and self-discovery is optimal.

Weekly training will be an introduction to the fundamental principles and will gradually include advanced training exercises developed by Suzuki Tadashi, the SITI company, and Zen Zen Zo.

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